• The Power of Networking: How Networking can put your career at an advantage
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The Power of Networking: How Networking can put your career at an advantage

The power of face to face conversation and seeing the whites of someone's eyes cannot be underestimated. It’s an old adage that people buy from people, so by striking up a conversation and immediately becoming more personable you are breaking down an obvious barrier. Whether you love it or hate it, networking is essential to help further your prospects.

Some people find it more natural and actively enjoy it whereas some feel they struggle with it and therefore tend to shy away from it. Make no mistake, building empathy and a relationship with potential business connections provide a priceless foundation for a prosperous relationship moving forward. Even if no immediate value comes off the back of the connection straight away, networking is almost always about the long game.

People like people they can trust, people that they can identify with and people, that they feel, completely get and understand their business. But how do you network and how do you go about it? First of all, it’s important to get the tone of conversation correct. Chances are that if you go head-on into a conversation in full sales mode the recipient may well switch off. It’s important not to drop into a pitch mentality and instead talk organically and conversationally.

For example, you may be at an event and you watch a keynote speaker. A good way to initiate a conversation in this situation would be to simply compliment that person on their talk. You already have a credible and current topic to talk about and immediately have some common ground. Taking a soft approach in this type of scenario may well lead to the conversation taking a different path to what it may have if you seemingly forced the conversation. It’s important to interact and make these connections organically whilst getting the tone spot on.

In 2018 it’s never been easier to discover new connections online and business centred social media sites like LinkedIn for example, are valuable tools in your networking arsenal. LinkedIn gives you the power to follow up with potential connections post meeting and affords you a platform to showcase how you could potentially help that person in a softer way.

Carried out correctly, in the correct tone and using the correct approach can prove very valuable. Subsequently following up with a connection on sites such as LinkedIn is essential and ensures that the connection isn’t lost going forward. A simple conversation is all that it takes to start and once you get talking, who knows where that conversation may lead.

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