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Tips For Selling More Cars: Part Two

Are you involved in the world of car sales but you’re struggling to meet targets, or simply want to be more successful? Following on from Part One, Big Motoring World gives some more top tips to sell more cars.

Look, dress and smell the part

Not only do you need to be a salesman, you’ll need to dress, smell and act like a salesman. You should dress cleanly and professionally, with pressed clothes. Nobody is going to buy a car from someone who smells like cigarettes or similar, so smell as fresh as possible and keep a positive attitude. The small details make a huge difference in people’s decision making, and you need to give them every excuse they can find to buy a car from you. Overcoming a bad first impression is often incredibly difficult.

Treat your customers like they’re special

When you treat your customer like they are the best customer you ever had, you’ll reap the benefits indefinitely. Customers will tell their friends and family about Big Motoring World – and specifically the great salesperson they had, and people will come to the branch for the same treatment. A salesperson who’s just going through the motions won’t reap any of those benefits, and will spiral into a poor member of staff. One of the most powerful car sales tips is building your referrals and getting a good reputation.

Keep your private life private

This is a tip for everyone in their job, and is expected by the majority of bosses in all companies. Particularly in the sales industry, you need to be on your game non-stop. You’ll need the answers to all of the questions asked by the customer, and keep them on their toes too. By leaving your own personal problems by the curb, you’ll inevitably sell more cars.

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