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Tips on hitting the ground running in your new job

Once you’ve secured your new job, the work is only just getting started. Instead of taking time to settle in, you need to hit the ground running. Here, Big Motoring World look into what you’ll need to do.

Update your online profiles

Make sure your online portfolio is up-to-date once you’ve got your new role. Connect with your new colleagues on LinkedIn and let your old network know where you are working. Now is a perfect time to request recommendations and keep your online profile current. In terms of Facebook and Twitter, you’re probably best to steer clear from adding any managers or team leaders – at least until you know them a little better.

Record your achievements

Keep a record of your accomplishments and contributions from day one, including emails thanking you for your work, performance reports, and all positive feedback. When it's time for your performance review, if you're seeking promotion or negotiating a pay rise, you'll wish you had done it. So start now! You can also request a reference from previous employers, so do it now whilst your achievements are fresh in their minds.


Now’s your chance to get your whole life into a routine, so take the opportunity to do some regular exercise. You’ll realise that you’re a lot fresher, more alert, less stressed, happier, and perform better when you are fit and healthy. Your career will also go in tandem – clean body, clean mind.

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