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Tips on how to be successful at your new job

The best way to start a new job is to hit the ground running, so you’re going to have to work harder at the start than any other time in your role. With so much to learn and pick up, it can often seem too much to handle. Here, Big Motoring World give tips on how to see success in your new role. Get to know your colleagues Of course, you will need to get on with your fellow co-workers, so make sure you give a pleasant, friendly impression. If you take your time to make an effort with everyone who comes into contact with you, it will be repaid when you need a favour or are seeking advice. When people go out for lunch or after work, they may not consider asking you along. If you can, go along anyway, as they may just not have thought of asking you – they won’t say no and you will be invited along next time for sure! Deliver You got the job, so you sold yourself. Now it’s time to start delivering, so make sure you show you were the right choice. Find out your immediate deliverables and get to work – your bosses will take note if you go the extra mile. You can’t afford to sit back and think you have time to settle in, as you’ll be playing catch up to begin with. Get involved In team meetings and discussions, make sure your opinion is heard. Often a fresh view on things can be even more insightful than one who has worked at the company for years as they have become used to how things have traditionally worked. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you notice something isn’t working particularly well – this will certainly help you to settle in. Big Motoring World Jobs Big Motoring World Jobs is the place to find the best opportunities at the UK’s largest independent dealership of second-hand BMWs and Mercedes-Benz. Big Motoring World have a widespread number of jobs across our many levels of business, and this site will keep you right up to date with the latest vacancies in the automotive industry. To keep up with all of the company’s latest news and more information, follow us on Twitter.