• Top LinkedIn tips to help you boost your professional profile
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Top LinkedIn tips to help you boost your professional profile

As the with other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool with literally millions of professionals at your fingertips. It’s no surprise then that recruiters and individuals alike turn to this platform for networking and generating professional connections and sales leads. Launched in May 2003 LinkedIn has quickly grown to see over 500 million users in over 200 countries and continues to grow rapidly to this day. So considering the potential connections you could make, how do you best utilise the platform and ensure that you are being seen by the right people?

First, you need to create a profile. A profile on LinkedIn allows you to write and illustrate your career to date. It’s important in this section to write a brief paragraph about your role and your achievements. Think of this as an online CV. If a recruiter is scan reading your profile they’ll want to see clear career highlights quickly and may well be discouraged from reading further if you have written paragraph after paragraph. Ensure you are self-critical with these sections, think if the content you’ve created has added value. If it doesn’t, rework it slightly, after all, a punchy and impactful statement will come across much more assertive and confident if it is delivered in a short, sharp way.

Another area of your profile which helps you stand out further is the recommendations section. Here past and current colleagues can appraise you and give you feedback in regards to your work ethic and what you are like to work with as a colleague. This is a great section to ask people to fill in as it not only helps you look more authentic but also gives a glowing endorsement to any potential recruiter or future employer. As an extension of this comes the endorsements section. This is where people can endorse you for your proficiency on a range of skills that you can add to your profile yourself. This again helps bolster your profile as it gives you an opportunity to highlight specific qualities and skills. You are also able to add skills and accomplishments to this section. So if you’ve completed an industry standard certification or have completed a course, ensure that the details of these get added to this section.

A final point in regards to getting your profile spot on is something many fail to do or incorrectly set up. A profile picture helps gets you noticed and helps put a face to a name if a discussion leads to a meeting or interview. If you are keen to make yourself known it’s important that your profile picture is set to public. You can further add to your profile picture by means of writing a short statement designed to capture the reader's attention. Here you might want to state what you do and why you do it or choose this as an opportunity to highlight particular skills and qualities. Again, just ensure that this is kept short and punchy.

After your profile is created the next step is building your online presence. Whilst this can be potentially difficult and time-consuming, getting it right is satisfying and can lead to creating connections with the right people. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people and send a connection request. Sometimes a small message when connecting will make that person more likely to connect with you.

Another way to boost your profile is to share content. By sharing content you are making yourself known to the wider network and if the content is shared by your connections, their connections may also be interested in what you have to say and thus garner further interest and connections as a result. If your not on LinkedIn and are looking to grow a professional business network, be approached by recruiters and establish yourself in a professional community, it is worth signing up as a small amount of effort now may well reap a big reward later on down the road.