• Top Negotiating Tips: How to achieve what you want
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Top Negotiating Tips: How to achieve what you want

Strong negotiating skills can mark the difference between you getting what you set out to achieve or walking away from the meeting table with a compromise. Good negotiating skills are not only restricted to the business world and can be used in day to day life. In this article, we’ll delve into what you can do to negotiate more effectively.

Whether it’s walking into a meeting to secure that major contract you’ve been chasing down for several weeks, agreeing on terms over a new job or simply agreeing on a price with a customer, good negotiating skills can immediately put you on the front foot and give you a better chance of achieving what you want to achieve. Good negotiating is somewhat of an art form and a lot can be learned from watching people who are naturally very good at it. It’s important to pay attention to their manner, how attentive they are and their body language. Negotiating is more than just saying what you want, it extends right you through to every element of how you interact with a person from the very start. So what, exactly, do the very best negotiators do to achieve their aims?

1). They listen For example, you are trying to sell a product to a potential customer. How can your product solve this person's pain points? By asking the right questions and then listening fully to the response you are given allows you a chance to be let into some valuable insights. These responses allow you to really tap into what that person wants and require and allow you an opportunity to tailor your response to the best that it can be.

2). They know their stuff Tieing in perfectly to the listening aspect is ensuring you do your background reading prior to your meeting. Assess their pain points, how you can help them and stress the benefits that a person will see from using or purchasing your product or services. Knowing the situation that you are walking into again allows you to tailor your approach. Any question marks that you may have can be solved by asking the right questions and listening.

3). They don’t over compromise We all appreciate the desire to close a deal, but that shouldn’t have to come at all costs. I’m sure most of us are aware of the perils that selling yourself short can bring, and on occasion, no deal is better than a bad deal. If a negotiation isn’t heading the way you hoped it’s important to not do anything dramatic and compromise yourself. Whilst if you aim high, you have some scope to work down, aiming to low in the first place can put you in a situation where the likely value of the deal will be outweighed by the future costs. It’s important here to maintain your belief in your products and services and not to sell yourself short. If at the end of the day a deal cannot be reached, never be afraid to walk away. The best negotiators aim high and never undersell themselves. Maintaining belief in your products and services and stressing the benefits that your solutions can bring will ensure that you end up with the deals that are best for you, even if that means you don’t maintain a 100% close record along the way.

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