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What Are the Key Characteristics of a Good Salesperson?

If you become a car salesperson, you can build an exciting new career in one of the UK’s most dynamic industries. How can you succeed in this industry? Start by learning what it takes to actually do the job right!


The key to making a sale is to strike up a good relationship with your customer. By doing this, you can get them to trust you, so they’ll feel comfortable taking your advice on what to buy. Jobs site Monster suggests that likeability is a key sales characteristic, as it can help you develop that relationship you need to really connect with your customers.


When doing this job you’re going to be putting yourself on the line every single day, which can be tough. Your customers need to believe what you’re saying, if they’re going to trust you enough to part with their hard-earned cash. It is vital that you are confident as a sales person, so you can persuade consumers that they’re making the right choice by buying your products.


Passion is key to being great at sales. You need to have an appreciation for the art of selling, so you are motivated to be the best salesperson you can be. Without this motivation, you may not last in this industry for long, as you could lose interest in the job. Many employers are even willing to look past a candidate’s lack of experience if they’re really passionate!


In sales the word you’re going to hear more than any other is ‘no.’ If a customer turns you down when you first start trying to sell a product and you just give up trying, you’ll miss so many opportunities to make deals and succeed. This is why ‘resilience’ is a core characteristics of a great salesperson, as it allows you to come back fighting and make that deal after someone tells you no!


The best salespeople are those that can turn something bad into an opportunity. If someone walks into our showroom, for example, a lot of the time they may say they’re ‘just looking,’ but if the salesperson is ambitious enough, they can reach out to this person and turn them into a customer. With a tonne of ambition, you’ll soon be going places in the sales industry!

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