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What are the Top Habits Of Successful Salespeople?

If you want to become a good salesperson, driving your career forward, you should look at the industry’s most successful sellers, so you can learn how to execute really lucrative deals. Drawing on recent research, Big Motoring World asks: what are the top habits of successful salespeople?

Focus on selling

Salesforce recently released their 2016 State of Sales report, where they polled 280 salespeople. According to Yahoo, they found that more business buyers now think that it’s “absolutely critical” that salespeople are personally engaging with them before executing deals. For example, 83% said it’s important that reps focus on helping their firm achieve its needs, instead of just making a quick sale. This suggests that salespeople need to spend a significant amount of time on actually selling, but many don’t. The average salesperson, Salesforce found, spends just 36% of their time on selling-related activities such as connecting with prospects in person or virtually. In contrast, they spend 64% of their time on non-selling-related tasks, such as admin work, training, travelling and downtime.

Key skills

To succeed, you need to focus more on selling and connecting with clients than on additional tasks. Salesforce showed how top salespeople adopt habits which help them achieve these goals. Over three quarters (76%) of the best sellers wake-up before 7AM. Starting early can help you manage your time as a salesperson, as you can fit more into your day, giving you extra time to actually sell. When asked their favourite sales-related activity, 50% said relationship-building. Here we see the importance of learning how to interact with customers, as if you build a positive relationship, they will trust your advice, helping you sell products. Also, it’s important to form good relationships with your colleagues, as a third of those questioned regularly seek advice from the people they work with.

Extra insight

This research shed more light on the key characteristics of good salespeople. The top personality traits listed by those surveyed were curiosity and perseverance, as these characteristics can help you turn a reluctant prospect into a customer. Furthermore, the research illustrated how successful sales people deal with the stress of the job, with exercise/team sports being the most popular activity, at 62%. With this study, we can see more about how successful sellers spend their working day. The majority check their emails before doing anything else. Meanwhile, 61% work on weekends, showing that the best salespeople are willing to go above and beyond, which is why it’s not surprising that 85% think that their quota is fair. We also saw that according to this poll, Tuesday is the best day to connect with prospects, a task which an increasing amount of good salespeople are doing via social media sites. Salesforce also noted that great sellers are very ambitious and driven. When asked about their leading motivator for closing sales, the majority said money, while 35% cited job satisfaction. Also most of those salespeople questioned believe that they will be Vice President of Sales in ten years’ time.

Commit to sales

In other words with this research, Salesforce found that the best salespeople are the ones who are committed to the job. They create the time in their day to ensure they connect with prospects on a personal level, building the trust needed to make lucrative sales. If you adopt this kind of work ethic, you could mirror their ambitions and move up the industry career ladder within the next ten years.

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