• What can teams in the workplace learn from sport?
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What can teams in the workplace learn from sport?

Sporting triumph has the power to galvanise the nation. Whether that's watching a team dominate their discipline or watching a team triumph against the odds, much can be learned by what goes on in the field of play and these learnings can be directly applied into the workplace.

Whether it’s watching England’s cricketers deliver World Cup glory after a classic final goes to super over, or seeing Gareth Southgates calm and experienced leadership over the England men's Football team last summer, the themes in both of these sides are apparent.

Whilst these teams feature players at the top of their game, none of the performances that we witnessed at the weekend or at the world cup last summer would be possible without a combination of factors that can be directly applied to the workplace.

In this article, we’ll take a look at three key learnings that we can take away from the sporting world. Let's dive straight in with point number 1.

1). Teamwork

What is immediately clear is teamwork. Each player in each aforementioned team is at the top of their game and have reached the peak of their respective careers. However, no matter how talented the individual, a team simply cannot succeed if individuals don’t work together. A team is greater than the sum of its parts and this transfers directly to the workplace. A unit working on a task or project as one has a far greater chance of success.

2). Handling Pressure

Another common theme is the ability to handle the pressure. Holding your own when the going gets tough is an essential quality when it comes to really delivering. Be it closing a pitch or stepping forward in a World Cup penalty shootout, being able to control your nerves and remain focused on the task at hand is essential. Taking a brief moment to get yourself into the correct headspace can make the difference here and it’s important to channel your focus.

3). Commitment

To compliment all of the above is commitment. The glory of an international final is most likely not even 1% of a sportspersons professional career. What isn’t seen is the hours of training, the lost games and the injuries. You cannot rush success, but you can train and prepare yourself to be the best that you can be when your opportunities arise. Commitment and dedication to the cause are key and if you’re ready ahead of the competition it could be your chance to capitalise.

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