• What do sales teams need from their leaders?
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What do sales teams need from their leaders?

Over the years, how many great sales people have you been lucky enough to work with? Which team leaders did you find inspiring - and which ones not so? Here at Big Motoring World we're proud to say that we've had - and still have - some fantastic sales professionals working for us and leading our teams. So what do sales people need from these leaders?

  1. They need great coaches

It's simply the single most important thing that the very best leaders of sales teams do - they train and develop the people working for them. They give their people the ongoing support they need, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and help the team to be as productive and successful as possible. Simply by being there for their teams - and supporting them when they need them most - they can have a transformative effect on sales performance.

  1. They need realistic goals

The very best leaders of sales teams understand the importance of realistic goal setting. And of course, goals are a fundamental part of life in sales - but there is a fine art to understanding what your team is capable of and setting their targets accordingly. Being able to clearly understand the broader strategy of your business and then map this to the performance you require from your teams is a real skill on the part of the manager - but it also requires great communication between all sides to make sure that everything remains on track. Finally, recognition, when those goals are achieved, is also key.

  1. They need them to pick the right people

The flip side to coaching your existing team and ensuring that they get the development they need is bringing in the right people in the first place. Sales people need their leaders to be great recruiters because the make up of the team is so crucial to its success. Get the balance wrong, and your existing people will feel the strain of having to cover areas they might not have strengths in - and their performance will dip as a result. Hiring the right people has a direct impact on the rest of the team's efficiency - so sales people need their leaders to be able to not just spot sales talent, but also put the right people in the right roles at the right time.