• What learnings can you take away from having a job in sales?
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What learnings can you take away from having a job in sales?

Whatever job position you hold, we are always learning valuable lessons, lessons that we can apply to not only areas of our professional lives but personal lives too. A salesperson is in a unique position. Whilst essentially being on the front line and client facing you have not only has to be a shrewd negotiator but a good listener too. Whilst these are valuable traits, what else can be learned whilst working in sales?

1). It’s essential to be yourself I’m sure you’ve heard it time and time again but that phrase, people buy from people proves time and time again to be true. It’s important to be enthusiastic about your product or service that you are selling but this has to come across in a genuine and authentic way. Naturally, we gravitate towards people who seem to be more authentic and when buying a product nobody wants to be sold a product where the salesperson is forcing enthusiasm. Show warmth and empathy.

2). Taking a constructive approach Try to avoid the hard sell and identify a problem that you can solve. Taking a softer approach and taking time to delve into a clients pain points can create a warmth to the conversation and help the prospect feel that you are giving something back in return. Taking an educational approach in this manner can also help to instil greater confidence in your products and service.

3). Networking Networking is a fantastic platform for advancing your own goals. Meeting and speaking with like-minded people who may be your ideal customer or be in a position you aspire to be in can be invaluable conversations. They can give you valuable insight in a more relaxed environment and subsequently you can tailor future conservations based on your experiences. The above are all points we want our sales staff to take onboard and believe are strengths that can be applied to other business areas. At Big Motoring World we are always investing in our staff to allow them to be the best that they can be. We are also always on the lookout for new talent and if you would like to work for a rapidly growing automotive business, we would like to hear from you. Details on how to apply can be found over on our main website, here.