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What Makes A Good Mentor?

When it comes to succeeding in the workplace and making waves in your career, one major factor to this success is a mentor. Having someone to lean on when encountering new experiences can help you deliver to the best of your ability, but what exactly makes a good mentor?

It’s a common expression coined by serial entrepreneur Richard Branson, ‘If someone offers you a great opportunity but you don’t know how to do it, say yes and learn how to do it later’. It’s an expression that rings true for so many people and whilst the learning part can be challenging, calling upon the experience of someone who has ‘been there and done that’ is invaluable.

In this article, we’ll take a look at three areas that make for a good mentor and these are three key areas you should be aware of when starting your mentor search. Let's dive straight in with the first topic of discussion...

Openness to sharing experiences and ideas

When it comes to choosing a mentor, the main consideration should be looking to discover someone who is happy to share their experiences and ideas with you. To learn effectively a mentor should be as open as possible and not be looking to hold back on key areas. To have a strong working relationship the conversations need to be as transparent as possible with you receiving clear and actionable insights.

Clear feedback

For you to get the most from mentoring the feedback needs to be clear and concise and ultimately relevant to your situation. Whilst receiving as much information as possible is great if it’s not suitable or relevant to your goal, you are not going to achieve as much as you could if you took a more streamlined approach to what you need to know. It’s vital to get the exact advice you need.

Positive Attitude

Finally, another key attribute of a good mentor is to have a positive attitude and outlook.
this means the mentor displaying the right attributes and qualities to succeed in the role. This also extends to them setting the right standard and also being a great role model. Find someone that has a genuine passion for what they do. This passion and enthusiasm is infectious and can help push you forward.

So there you have it. Three key areas to look out for when you're looking to discover your own mentor. Whilst you may feel that a mentor for you needs to be from outside of your company, it’s important not to overlook your colleagues who may also be able to help you grow.

Either way, having a mentor is invaluable to career success.

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