• What next? The secret to great after sales
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What next? The secret to great after sales

So, you’ve closed the deal, shaken hands and everyone is happy. What next? One of the key differences between companies that actually grow, and those that simply stand still, is what happens after a sale. Here at Big Motoring World, the after sales care we give is absolutely critical to retaining customers and giving them the great service we think they deserve. Here are a few tips.

Be personal, be available

It’s more than likely that your new customer finally decided to buy from you (rather than anyone else) because, ultimately, they liked you. Together, you built a relationship based on an understanding that you are uniquely able to meet their needs and solve their problems with the product you’re selling them. So, once the deal is done, don’t just disappear. They might now have the product, but you personally are still a vitally important part of the deal – both as a reliable point of contact for them, if they have questions or need support, but also as the human point of difference that they saw between your product and anyone else’s.

Ask for feedback

Just as listening is an absolutely fundamental part of the sales process because it give you an insight into how your product or service might help your prospect, so it is also just as important afterwards. So, ask for feedback, and use it to improve your offer.

Look to sell again

How can you make the experience you give to a customer so satisfactory that they will tell their friends and colleagues about you? Around 85 per cent of people say they trust the recommendations of friends and people they know. So, following up after a sale and being an indispensable partner to your new customer will increase the chances that they will recommend you. Word-of-mouth is a hugely powerful marketing tool, and providing a great after sales service is an ideal way to make the best impression.