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What Should You Include in a Sales Cover Letter?

If you want to build a career in sales, it is essential that you learn how to apply for sales roles successfully. First, figure out how to write a great CV, so you can display your skills, education and experience to potential employers. Accompany your CV with a cover letter explaining why you are right for the vacancy. Big Motoring World asks: what should you include in a sales cover letter?

Standard details

In your cover letter you need to appear professional, so include certain standard details. Start your letter with ‘dear sir/madam,’ then include the relevant job application code and go on to state which vacancy you are applying for and where you saw it advertised. Consult iCover’s sample car rental agent cover letter for reference, as this can be used as a template for structuring a sales job cover letter.

Previous experience

Yes, it is possible to break into sales without experience. However, if you have worked as a sales person before, it is vital that you include these experiences in your cover letter, so you can illustrate your track record for success. Detail your previous experience in sales in one or two paragraphs, highlighting the skills you acquired and key tasks you handled during your former sales roles.

Professional skills

After you have discussed your previous experience in sales, discuss your professional skills. Explain how they are transferrable to the company you want to work for. By taking this approach, not only will you show that you really want the job, but that you have taken the time to research the company. Indicating that you have a genuine interested in the company and the positon that you have applied for.

Polite ending

End your letter on a good note, so that you make a strong impression on potential employers. Mention that you have enclosed a copy of your CV with your application and assure the company that they can contact you at their convenience. End the letter on a polite note by including something along the lines of “I look forward to hearing from you,” followed by “your sincerely” and your complete name.

Keep it concise

Your cover letter is your chance to show potential employers that they should hire you. While writing the letter, remember to illustrate your experience and skills as a salesperson. Keep it concise, as in this crowded jobs market, firms receive a lot of applications. With this approach, you could increase your chances of being called in for a sales job interview and building an amazing career.

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