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Why content is king

We'll come right out and say it: in this day and age, there really is no excuse for prospective customers to not know every thing they need to know about you and whatever it is you're selling. Why? Because the digital revolution has dramatically transformed the number of channels available for you to use in order to get your message across, allowing you to reach prospective customers in new ways, and at a relatively low cost. Think back to the expense of taking out a television commercial or a newspaper ad, and compare that to the way that today we are able to talk directly to our customers, in their own homes, via social media or a video service like YouTube. So, the opportunities for marketing our products and services directly to our prospects are manifold - but are we making the most of them?

Quality, not quantity

The key here, we believe, is quality content, tailored to the interests of your target audience. It's now possible to sell the benefits of a particular product or service simply by creating top notch content around it that talks to customers in a way that they're interested in. And there's also the opportunity here to go well beyond simply promoting a particular product or service you offer - the immediacy and accessibility of modern marketing channels now means that you're also able to start to build a personality and a brand around your product, through the content you provide. Whatever you post might not even talk directly about your product – instead, you might simply offer customers more of an insight into you personally, or the journey you've gone on to build your company – in fact anything that helps them to strengthen the relationship they have with you. It takes two minutes to film a quick clip on your phone of you talking passionately about something that you think your customers will be interested in. It’s become easier than ever before to talk to customers directly – the key, of course, is to always make sure you’re telling them something interesting.