• Why courage is essential to selling successfully
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Why courage is essential to selling successfully

What do you think of when you hear the word 'courage'? Physical bravery in the face of danger? The lion from the Wizard of Oz? The venerable British brewery? Whatever associations you might have with it, it's a word that here at Big Motoring World we feel is sometimes overlooked in the world of sales. But we believe that courage is absolutely crucial to being a successful salesperson. A quick definition first though - what do we mean by ‘courage’ in this context? Well, in this sense, we mean the ability to directly face fear, and beat it. To approach a fearful situation, whatever it may be, and to stare it down, requires courage. But what has this got to do with sales?

Taking an open approach

Well, compare the effects of both fear and courage: fear tends to make our lives smaller, and our options narrower. Courage on the other hand opens up possibilities in every direction - in our personal lives, and in our professional ones too. And to be an effective sales person, you really need to take an open approach to the relationships you build and the strategies you employ. You need to be able to see the big picture, to listen to other people's needs, and to be flexible in the way that you try to help them with your own creative solutions. And it takes courage to do that - it's what we do when we step out of our comfort zones and start to do what needs to be done, rather than only what the timid part of us feels we're able to do.

A personal battle

So, think about what courage means for you in a sales context. Is it picking up the phone to a difficult prospect? Is it completely scrapping an established sales strategy that has worked in the past but that is no longer delivering results? Or is it something as simple as just letting go a little, and trusting your sales team to do their work well, without the need for you micromanaging them? Whatever it means for you, courage needs work. It's an ability, just like the art of persuasion, or being a good listener, or closing deals. It's something we all need to practice, every day, in whatever way we can. Exercise and strengthen your ability to be courageous, and you'll quickly see the benefits.