• Working effectively: How to build a team
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Working effectively: How to build a team

Working with other people is given at work. How you cooperate, communicate and ultimately work together provides a valuable measure for success in the workplace. Harmonious teams are the key to success, but how do you build an effective and capable team, and how do you maintain harmony when the going becomes tough?

The companies that operate at optimum efficiency have measures in place that promote close team working. Good company culture can instil this mantra but it can be more than this. Identifying potential areas where gains can be had and deploying your team to exploit these areas accordingly can allow you to minimise shortcomings.

Getting a team to that point takes time and is essentially somewhat of a proverbial puzzle. The right pieces have to be put together to for it to really work but what do these pieces look like? In this article, we’ll take a look at a number of ways that an effective team can be put together.

Let’s dive in with point number one…

1). Trust your employees to make the right decision

The power of trust and giving your employees the authority to make the right decision cannot be underestimated. It allows your employees to use their initiative which in turn can lead to a more motivated employee. Nothing inspires confidence more than being trusted to do your job in the way that you see fit. Giving your team accountability may well make a team work more closely together to get results as everyone becomes an integral part of the process.

2). Give praise

Everyone likes to be told that they're doing a great job, it’s motivating, inspiring and generally can help to deliver a high level of job satisfaction. Giving praise is key. Outline why each team member has been assigned their role. Highlight areas of success that have earnt them that particular role and if there is client or employee feedback, even better. Share this feedback, everyone wants to receive the praise that they feel they deserve.

3). Provide avenues for your team members to learn

Self-development is another area that can provide a high level of job satisfaction. Learning new skills and methodologies can allow your colleagues to work more effectively, establish a better best practice or learn something new altogether. An employee that’s committed to self-development is a valuable asset as anything new learned or acquired will directly benefit the company in question. Promote self-development and give the opportunity for training and the ability to learn new skills.

The above points are three ways that you can promote effective team working. Whilst these points centre on the individuals, when everyone in a team is at the same level, working towards the same goals, there will be a natural instinct for everyone to pull together. Building a team will take time, but once created, it’s an attribute in a business that will pay dividends.

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